AD7537JP; The AD7537 contains two 12-bit current output DAC's on one monolithic chip. A seperate reference input is provided for each DAC. The dual DAC saves valuable board space, and the monolithic construction ensures excellent thermal tracking. Both DAC's are guaranteed 12-bit monotonic over the full temperature range. The AD7537 has a 2-byte (8LSBs, 4MSBs) loading structure. It is designed for right-justified data format. The control signals for registering loading are A0, A1, CS, WR and UPD. Data is loaded to the input registers when CS and WR are low. To transfer this data to the DAC registers, UPD must be taken low with WR. Added features on the AD7537 include an asynchronous CLR line which is very useful in calibration routines. When this is taken low, all registers are cleares. The double buffering of the data inputs allows simultaneous update of both DAC's. Also, each DAC has a seperate AGND line. This increases the device versatility; for instance one DAC may be operated with AGND biased while the other is connected in the standard configuration. The AD7537 is manufactured using the Linear Compatible CMOS (LC²MOS) process. It is speed compatible with most microprocessors and accepts TTL, 74HC an 5V CMOS logic level inputs. Product Highlights DAC to DAC Matching: Since both DACs are fabricated on the same chip, precise matching and tracking is inherent. Many applications which are not practical using two discrete DACs are now possible. Typical matching: 0.5%. Small Package Size: The AD7537 is packaged in small 24-pin 0.3" DIPs and in 28-terminal surface mount packages. Wide Power Supply Tolerance: The device operates on a +12 V to +15 V VDD, with ±10% tolerance on this nominal figure. All specifications are guaranteed over this range. Applications Automatic Test Equipment Programmable Filters Audio Applications Synchro Applications Process Control; Hersteller: Analog Devices

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